Welcome to The Little Hunter

The Little Hunter was established in 2014 and is situated within the warm confines of a historic building dating back to the 1800’s. We take pride in carefully selecting only the finest cuts of meat and chargrilling them to perfection, ensuring you will never leave disappointed. Coupled with our completely South Australian wine list, we always have the perfect pairing for your meal.

Our head chef Sumi has been creating magic on a plate since he completed his apprenticeship in 1989. Majority of Sumi’s accomplishments were achieved in the elite Dubai environment including studying at the prestigious Emirates School of Culinary. Throughout his career he has received no less than eight gold medals and has brought his knowledge from five star hotels to our phenomenal state. Sumi has brought his distinguished skills to The Little Hunter from day one, using his experience across the Middle East, Europe & Asia to create the dishes we proudly present to you.

Steak Facts


Marbling simply refers to the streaks of fat found within the cut of meat. The longer cattle stay on a nutrient-rich diet, the fattier they become and the higher their marbling, whether they are pasture or grain fed. Marbling makes your meat tender, tasty & juicy!


There are over 6 million Angus and Angus crossbred cattle in Australia. The Black refers to the colour of the hid on the cow.